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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 21, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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ju a uplof u/== chk o th vio oa >> we are looking at weather here in california. >> national weather service issued tornado warnings for part of merced county. no tornado warnings here in the bay area, but a new round of rain is just hours away. >> the meteorologist is here to break down what's happening right now. >> yes. definitely active here across california as not one, but two different funnel clouds were spotted in the central valley. we can show you what it looked like on the doppler radar at the time this happened. 12:30 today. three different rotating thunderstorms developing near modesto down to about turlock. two of those had enough uplift with them to, again, produce those funnel clouds. they did not reach the ground. they did not ever turn into tornadoes. no reports of any damage or injuries that we know of. the good news is that we have started to see all of that activity moving on out.
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for us only a few spotty showers just now off shore. we are expecting things to pick back up once we head into 9:30 tonight, and eventually some rainfall moving into the north bay by 11:30. we'll talk more about a wetter commute for wednesday morning. details in about 18 minutes. >> okay. see you soon. thank you, jeff. san jose's flood zone is still desolate one month after the devastating floods hit, and people are still angry about how little warning they got after that disaster. today city leaders talked about its plans to get the word out next time. nbc scott button is live in the flood zone with the changes coming to that warning system. scott. >> reporter: well, janelle, the city says it will monitor closely, among other things, the water level of rez everybody wars to give more warning in the future to neighborhoods like  this one. >> reporter: one month after the flood workers are still cleaning up the rock springs
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neighborhood. residents are still trying to get mud, mold, and water out of their homes all from a flood they say they weren't warned about. >> the warning system that we had in place at the time of the floods was wholly inadequate. >> reporter: they are rolling out a warning system for the area. the so-called threat matrix. calls for flyers and messaging with color-coded timetables. a yellow alert will be issued 48 to 72 hours in advance of possible flooding. an orange alert issued 12 to 24 hours in advance and a red alert issued four to six hours before a possible flood. >> that includes electronic communications through the media, but i think most importantly the low tech solutioned. knocking on doors in communities, particularly in low income communities that lack access to the internet. >> reporter: the city admits the warning plan is an early draft. residents we spoke to say it's
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not enough. >> it's irrelevant to a person that lives in this city -- in this neighborhood right now. i could care less about that. what i want to know is what are they going to do to prevent it next time? >> reporter: the city also admits one month after the flood there are still some 1,500 residents displaced. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, scott. well, financial help is on the way for people that are trying to get their lives back together in that flood zone. today the u.s. small business administration declared an emergency making low interest disaster relief loans available to business owners and homeowners too. homeowners can borrow up to $200,000. businesses up to $2 million. the disaster loans are also available in other counties as well. a rude awakening for homeowner in vallejo. people were jarred out of bed thinking there was an earthquake. instead it was a tree crashing on to their home. everyone got out safely. nobody was hurt. the homeowner says they tried to
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get the permit to cut that tree several years ago but was unable after running into red tape with the city. our viewers are capturing stunning pictures and video and sharing them with us. the rain left behind this impressive rainbow in the tri-valley today. jeff sent us this picture from pleasanton. and dean sent us a picture as rain began to break over monterey beach. we want to see more of your photos, your videos. you could just tag us on twitter or instagram and share them on our fab page, and cebook page, show them on tv. on the home page of our website enter your zip code, and the radar for your neighborhood will pop up. that's at nbc bay developing in the east bay police chase ends in a three-car crash on i-80. this is video from sky ranger from about a half hour ago. the chp says it started as a vallejo police incident and ended near the san pablo exit in oakland. no word on any injuries. we'll keep you posted, though, as we get new information. murder or an accident?
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that was the question today in the trial of the santa clara county deputies accused of beating an inmate to death. this is video of those jail deputies walking into court. nbc marianne favreau was there as they offered a new theory about how he died. >> reporter: during opening statements today defense attorneys told jurors they had evidence that would prove that michael tyree did not die from a beating. >> reporter: jera, rafael rodriguez, and matthew phares entered the courthouse in san jose. corrections deputies are charged with murder in the beating death of inmate michael tyree in 2015. during opening statements today, prosecutor matthew breaker told jurors when deputy phares found tyree dead in his cell, he delayed a call for help. he also told jurors the county coroner had determined tyree died of blunt force trauma. >> it is not a homicide case. >> reporter: rm rappaport is a defense attorney for deputy matthew phares.
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told he told jurors science will show tyree did not die from a beating. >> he fell back against a unit that's a combination sink and toilet that is stainless steel, and he wasn't undressed when the officers left, and he was completely undressed when he was discovered. >> reporter: the deputy d.a. also showed jurors texts between the defendants talking about using force on inmates. it included several texts from phares, including one that says he liked cell 6a because "there are no cameras." phares's defense attorney said the texts were just bravado and had nothing to do with the conspiracy to harm inmates. also in court today the first witness took the stand. a santa clara county sheriff's department investigator. he talked about the protocols used in the main jail. reporting in san jose, mary ann favro, nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you, marianne. well, first the travel ban. now a technology ban.
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it's catching middle eastern passengers by surprise. the ban is on laptops and tablets. anything bigger than a mobile phone. it impacts passengers flying from these airports, the majority, in muslim countries into the u.s. the laptops need to be checked with baggage. nbc bay area's peggy bunker is live at sfo where the first plane load of passengers who dealt with that ban just landed. peggy. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, jessica. in all this is going to affect about ten airports from eight countries, and all together, about 50 u.s.-bound flights that come in every single day, but for the passengers on those flights imagine hours on end with no laptop. to them it sounds awful. >> reporter: unplug it and pack it. a new reality for thousands of travellers flying nonstop to the u.s. from eight majority muslim countries. the new technology ban announced at 3:00 a.m. this morning. the specific airlines it affects have 96 hours to comply and a ban will remain in effect
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indefinitely, says the department of homeland security. >> it's between the good guys and the bad guys. >> reporter: the restrictions include laptops, tablets, cameras, and all games bigger than a phone. shortly after the u.s. nouned the ban, the u.k. followed suit with a smaller list of countries. an international consensus seeming to point to intelligence that terrorist groups continue to look for ways to get explosives on planes. >> in the intelligence business, you almost never see a warning this specific about specific airlines, specific cities, and specific devices. >> reporter: passengers were quick to complain imaging impossibly long flights with no digital distractions. >> a lot. it's a 16-hour flight, and it's just a whole bunch of time. you can get a lot done on that time. >> reporter: now, that traveller said coming here to the airport is getting more and more difficult all the time with increased security and that losing his laptop would be a
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real blow, but that if the security threat is real, he would definitely comply. at sfo i'm peggy bunker, nbc bay area news. right now on capitol hill a scramble to rewrite the gop health care bill. house republicans are working nonstop on revisions to sign to replace the affordable care act. president trump went to congress himself today to press for votes from reluctant republicans. a new round of changes were made overnight, which would end obama care taxes this year instead of next. that should give states more flexibility on how they administer medicaid funds. the first vote on the new health care plan will be thursday, exactly seven years after obama care was signed into law. our coverage of the white house continues on nightly news. coming up in about 20 minutes, what president trump's supreme court nominee neil gorsuch got grilled about at his senate confirmation hearing today. lester holt joins us at 5:30. i'm meteorologist jeff. after heavier rain this morning,
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we're holding on to partly cloudy skies from our weather underground sky camera network here at walnut creek. i'm tracking a new storm system. details on that coming up at 5:20 tonight. >> reporter: i'm robert live in the santa cruz mountains where the storm took another shot at communities here. still trying to recover from the last one. we'll show you why many people here are worried about more than just the rain in this latest storm. >> if i had known what i was getting into, honestly, i don't know that i would have had the guts to start it. then a rescue organization known for creating oakland's cat cafe doing more. how they've almost single-handedly lowered kill rates at the shelter. it's today's bay area proud. t ra anwindelerenewprlemto oplw.
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>> the rain and wind delivered new problems to people who live in the santa cruz mountains, and the concerns rising because new storms are on the way. nbc bay area -- joins us live from along the san lorenzo river to show us why residents there are dreading the next few days. robert. >> reporter: well, that's right. you can see how several inches of rain rejuvenated the river here, which overflowed during one of the last big storms. many people we talked to say the storms this week won't give them enough time to recover or prepare. refrmt the rain and wind that hit the santa cruz mountains last night and in the morning were not a welcome sight for
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many who were trying to keep up with repairs. >> they keep coming one after another, so it's difficult to try to get back in the groove. >> reporter: tom connolly has been the owner of the plant works at ben lowman for 37 years, and the past few weeks, including today's storm, had him worried how much longer he would be in business. >> now, what's this? >> it's just part of the roof that blew off the greenhouse, and this is either over the side part there or up in the front over the counter area. >> reporter: when it wasn't raining, we could see sections of his rife flailing in the wind. flute the area we saw crews frantically trying to stay in front of the storms. the area's emergency center at valley churches united said wind and rain have been a brulgs combination. >> even right now you can tell it's windy. i think the wind worries a lot of us because we know how many trees have come down. a lot of residential properties have had problems with the trees in and of themselves. also, there are so many people that said this year water came
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from all different directions. >> reporter: and the emergency director says a big factor for both situations is saturation. now, the area got a break for most of this afternoon, but we can see the storm starting to build up strength, and we'll probably find out later on tonight just how much more this area can take. live in the santa cruz mountains, robert handa, nbc bay area news. pg&e is making good on taking out adds ads about the pipeline explosion. it was in today's "san francisco chronicle." as part of the sentencing, the judge required that pg&e run a three-month advertising campaign. the full page ad lists how the utility was convicted of violating safety standards and what it is doing to make sure it never happens again. the tv ads begin tomorrow. you can't judge a cat while it's in its cage. that simple idea is behind a remarkably successful nonprofit business. >> there are many who work in the field of animal rescue, but few can point to numbers like
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the ones you're about to hear. nbc bay area garvin thomas has their story and their secret, garvin. >> reporter: ann dunn has a background in social work, helping in the field of public housing, to be exact. perhaps that has more than a little to do with the success she's found in her second career. still finding homes. just not for humans. >> her coming back here, i mean, i think she's just really a different cat now. >> reporter: ann dunn will be the first to tell you -- >> i'm surprised because it was even the first night -- >> reporter: she's the last one you would expect to run a cat rescue. particularly if you knew her in college. >> my closest friends were all doing cat rescue, and i could not have cared less. i could not have cared less. >> reporter: all that changed, however, one day when ann crossed paths with a single stray kitten. >> there's this little orange tabby, and i always say it's like my heart grew three sizes that day. i just -- i was, like, i'll keep him. >> reporter: that rescue led to another and eventually ann began volunteering at the oakland animal shelter.
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it was there ann saw firsthand that the cats who could handle the caged and noisy shelter environment were easily adopted. but those who couldn't, those who withdrew or became aggressive because of it were considered unadoptable and most likely killed. ann and other volunteers were determined to help them. >> because we see that these cats are imminently adoptable. they just need to be in the right environment. somebody just needs to give them a chance and get them out of a small cage surrounded by barking dogs. >> reporter: at first cat town focused on fostering in homes, but ann knew exposure was a barrier to adoption as well. so two years ago they opened the country's first cat cafe. a storefront no cage adoption showcase and coffee. the success has been staggering. thanks, in part, to cat town and ann's team of more than 200
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volunteers, oak labor day animal shelter's euthanasia rate has dropped from 42% to 14%. >> the thing i'm most excited about is we have some really small spaces, and we have some larger spaces. >> reporter: things are going so well cat town is expanding. it gives more people, ann hopes, a chance to judge a cat not in a cage, but with a cup of coffee. >> so far they say they've helped about 1,500 cats in just six years. >> wow. >> part of -- the other part of the secret is they work very well with oakland animal services. the relationship between shelters and rescue organizations aren't always the best. >> right. >> but they work hand in glove to identify the cats that are going to work best for cat town and work very well together, and that's the partnership that's a success as well. >> thanks, garvin. >> thank you. >> seven decades afternoon the woman known as the rosies enter the work force they get the recognition. it's rosy the riveter day.
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it celebrates the 16 million women who entered the work force during world war ii and the day has extra special meaning here since the rosy the riveter park is in richmond. >> we wanted people to know that officially all over the united states that there was a group of women who came to the forefront when war time called for it. >> next up the rosies are setting their sights on creating a commemorative rosy coin. >> and it's about time. >> for sure. >> we should all get behind that idea. >> super cool. >> we got a break from that rain today. it was so nice to see the sun come out after the rain in the morning. >> it was. another round is still lining up after we head throughout the flex 12 to 18 hours. we'll go ahead and move you right into our microclimate forecast. tonight hopefully you did get to manage a little bit of that blue sky this afternoon. bottom line, two more chances of wet weather as we head throughout the rest of this week. the next round, again, returns tonight into tomorrow morning, and then still possibly the
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stronger storm friday into saturday morning. i'm going to take you right now into the doppler radar, and we can show you there's just a few spotsy showers developing off shore right now. nothing major, but we may see this move into the san francisco peninsula. also the north bay as we head throughout the next one to two hours. now, beyond this, i really think things are going to start to pick up once we hit 9:30 tonight. at least out here in the pacific you can see the leading edge of what will be our next storm system starting to develop, and we think it will push rainfall into sonoma counties and marin county and then eventually it looks like the core zone of rainfall through the peninsula, south bay, and east bay should get into 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. let's take a look at the morning forecast. everyone starts off, again, with the wet weather, and temperatures in the 50s. tri-valley 51. peninsula, 55. for the north bay, 52. slick roads in san francisco, and 54. let's take you back to the futurecast, shall we, so we can plan out the rest of your wednesday forecast. while we start off at 5:00 a.m. with the consistent rainfall, i
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think by even as early as 8:00 in the morning, it will start to try and push out with lingering rainfall down towards san jose and then as we head into the afternoon, we should start to see that sunshine beginning to build back into the forecast. let's go ahead and take a look at the microclimates tomorrow. it will be breezy at times. winds out of the northwest 10 to 20 miles per hour. 62 expected in san jose. for the east bay also some sun. again, by the afternoon hours. 62 in livermore. 60 expected in danville. for the peninsula, 59 in belmont. up towards san francisco. upper 50s and low 60s here. winds out of the northwest at 19 miles per hour. for the north bay, 59 in mill valley, and 63 in sonoma. now, not only will things eventually dry out by tomorrow at 3:00, but we should hold on to this dry pattern as you'll see on the extended forecast right into thursday. that's a nice day for us. then by friday that stronger storm arrives. the good news, it looks like it
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may move a little faster, so i have lowered the totals. we're looking at a half inch to possibly one and a half inch potential. that higher potential of rainfall would be up towards the north bay. half inch for the lower elevations of the south bay, and then you can see this weekend some hit and miss showers saturday and sunday, and then we dry out early next week. friday that's the day to really watch out for still. >> thanks so much, jeff. >> sure. >> backlash against companies that help build the border wall. the penalty san francisco leaders want to impose. ==jaanitiocu=haeni noon r tttefk
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sfleefrmts just released a number of tickets for the ncaa basketball tournament at the sap center this thursday and saturday. those tickets go on sale tomorrow at noon. and on our home page, a gunman
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remains at large after shooting a student just outside the king city high school. that's in monterey county. one student was wounded. it's believed the gunman had an accomplice. the motive is unknown. back in a moment. a n tned guandhothielfaft a oot
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sfleencht a man turned a gun and shot himself after a shootout with police in redwood city. this is off of seaport boulevard at a news conference just
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minutes ago police say the man showed up at his ex-wife's office armed with a gun. when police arrived, they say he ran and then got in a shootout with officers before shooting himself. at this time police do not know if the bullet that killed the man was fired by an officer or by his own gun. we also just learned the woman had a restraining order against the suspect. of course, we'll be following this and bring you the latest at 6:00. well, build a wall and pay the price. san francisco and oakland are proposing legislation that would black list any contractor that works on the president's border wall project. san francisco ninth district supervisor hillary roenan announced her city legislation. she made the announcement outside of the san francisco offices of one of nearly two bay area companies that has expressed interest in bidding on the wall. >> these companies have a choice to make. build the wall or work with the city and county of san francisco. >> state lawmakers are also
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considering a measure that would require state pension funds divest from companies involved in constructing the border wall. the two pension funds are in the largest company. each of them worth hundreds of billions of dollars. one last check of the rain headed our way. that's next. stay with us. heandhe antwilalwsbeis mil..==k=
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barry bonds is back. he says san francisco will always be his home, and the giants will always be his family. bonds is joining the giants' front office as a special add vazor to the ceo larry bear. he calls to bonds to represent the organization at various community events as well as attend spring training for a week to work with the young players. bonds spent last season as the miami marlins hitting coach where. >> wow. >> our brief break is over. more rain is on the way. >> that's exactly right. let's go ahead and get a look at that extended forecast. we think by 9:00 to 11:00 tonight we'll see that next storm beginning to push in some areas of rain for the north bay and a quarter to a half inch possible for tomorrow morning. a dry break on thursday. heavier rain on friday. half inch to one and a half inches. i think that one and a half inches is likely north bay and coastline and santa cruz mountains. half inch for a lot of our lower elevations. then by this weekend some hit and miss showers possible. friday really is going to be the biggest storm day of the week so far. >> we'll keep our umbrellas
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handy. >> sure. thanks for joining us. nightly news is next. we'll be be back at 6:00. see you then. tonight, banned on board. laptops and tablets outlawed and banned on the cabin. new intelligence pushing the u.s. and britain to ban anything bigger than a smartphone. the president's personal appeal to republicans fall short and tonight the gop healthcare plan is on life support. can it be saved less than 48 hours until the vote? trump supreme court nominee faces an intense barrage from democrats. police shooting tragedy. officers charged with murder after opening fire on a car killing a 6-year-old boy with autism. grocery store wars. for the first time in decades supermarket prices are going down. how consumers are saving. birthday surprise r


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